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ADA standards
By: Denis Sherlock ~ 5/15/2014

DisabilitySymbols_s.jpgAfter submitting some proposals for ADA upgrades to a City owned buildings I figured I should ad this one to the blog page. If there is a City office that is not up to date to accommodate the disabled, maybe there is a good amount of People/business that need to look into this. Maybe you have a small business that you need to upgrade the bathrooms or add a ramp up to your front door.  Maybe you have a commercial building that needs to be completely re done, or maybe you have ageing family members that you would like to keep them in their home but make it a little safer for them.

I don’t want to go on about sizes and standards that will be hard to remember, however I will provide a link with some good info: 

BathGrabBars_s.jpgI would also like to add that we can help with all of your ADA upgrades.  A few things to consider checking around your home or place of business is: hand rails on your stairs, decks or porches, ramps, grab bars for the bathroom or shower, width of door way or hallway.  Counter tops/sinks or RampsRails05152014_s.jpgfaucets that need to be adjusted to the height of a wheel chair. These are just a few things!  If you would like we are available to help you out with a free consultation - just give us a call or email us :)