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Protect Your Siding
By: Denis Sherlock ~ 6/15/2014

We do a lot of siding jobs, both repair and replacement,  A lot of these jobs could have been prevented with a little maintenance and fore thought. In a lot of cases the gutters are at fault. Sometimes they are clogged and over run water directly on the siding, or sometimes they are not sloped the right way and water runs into the siding.  We also see leaking gutters that cause this problem,  So if gutters are the problem, they are a much cheaper fix than a large siding repair, in fact most gutters can be completely replaced with new ones for about the cost of re doing the siding on a small portion of your home.

Another thing we see is windows and doors not flashed or sealed properly causing the area around the window, door or trim to start deteriorating.  On that same note the flashing or lack of flashing where your deck or porch connect to the house, is another cause of siding going bad. Here are a few other items to look out for while trying to protect your siding, dirt to wood contact, lack of caulking or paint. Downspout  leaking or not directed away from the home, or plants or trees too close to the home.