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Major Additions and Remodel
By: Denis Sherlock ~ 7/15/2014

If you are planning a major addition or remodel, here are a few things to keep in mind!

AdditionProject07152014_s.jpgMost people make the mistake of trying to get an estimate first so they can get there budget together.  I am not saying “don’t contact us first” of course I would love to be the first one you call, however I will come by and it will be more consulting than estimating. The design needs to be done before the estimating can be completed and sure we can help with the design if we are doing internal remodel (no major structural changes).

If doing an addition to the home you can let us know how many square feet you are looking to add and we can give you a little advise on how much to budget.  I will then refer you to a architect/engineering firm to draft up some plans. Once we have those we can provide an updated dollar estimate.

KitchenRemodel07152014_s.jpgFor the interior some may want help by an interior designer to match paint colors, tile, stone or cabinets for example. For all these items we can refer great suppliers if you decide you would like to design yourself.  If doing a multi room remodel but not adding on a few things that will help the estimating process is if you have these items picked out prior to starting the project: Flooring, tile/stone, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint color, pretty much any “taste”  items, they can be purchased at a later date, but it helps us to know what type of products we will be installing.